The Verdict Proved BCCI’s Position

The Verdict Proved BCCI’s Position

In a majority decision of the Indian Cricket Control Committee (BCCI), the arbitral tribunal consisting of Supreme Court Justices (Retd) Sujatha Manohar, Mukunthakam Sharma and SS Nijjar signed a media rights agreement with the World Sports Group (WSG) for overseas territories on June 28, 2010, signed.

A former BCCI official said

The verdict proved BCCI’s position. This has to do with Lalit Modi’s acceptance of the BCCI case that concealed a contract signed by WSG Mauritius. BCCI accused the then-IPL management committee of Lalit Modi of conspiring with WSG officials for committing fraud to BCCI. N.

Srinivasan, fully defending the hard stance taken by BCCI office holders, including the then secretary, the arbitration ruling allowed BCCI to cover the amount in escrow while awaiting arbitration. This sum is more than Rs800 crore.

Senior Attorney P. Raghu Raman, who represented BCCI, said, Now the binding arbitration award has clearly pointed out the fraudulent behavior of Lalit Modi and others in the WSG group, so at least the police accusation filed by BCCI to prosecute them. Must take action at this stage.

BCCI is ready to break up with Rahul Johri

BCCI is ready to break up with chief executive Rahul Johri, whose long-pending resignation was accepted on Thursday. While BCCI’s top bosses remain silent about the development, as far as the situation is concerned, senior officials said they have decided to accept his resignation letter sent to PTI on December 27th.

Rahul Joori’s resignation was accepted. He had an extension as early as April 30th, but this time it was accepted,” said a BCCI veteran. It was not known why BCCI suddenly decided to accept the resignation.

Johri, who joined BCCI in 2016, had previously written his own documents after the Supreme Court-appointed Executive Committee (CoA) settled for an organization led by Sourav Ganguly to run the world’s richest cricket committee. Then he was asked to continue until the end of the contract, which expires in 2021.

However, when BCCI regained its administration, Johri was increasingly marginalized from the areas of his work handled by Secretary Jay Shah, including matters related to the ICC.

Ex-Australian hitter Tom Moody said

Claiming delivery in all three forms is a completely different pressure. He said that if India is concerned about Virat Kohli’s longevity in international cricket, it could consider the split argument.

Tom Moody said that if you’re worried that India will lose 2-3 years of ‘superstar’ Kohli’s career, you can pass the reins to someone else in one of three formats.

Virat Kohli was test ruled by MS Dhoni as early as 2014 and was appointed ODI and T20I captain in 2017 after the latter withdrew from the role. Kohli has put pressure on billions of people following Indian cricket over the years. It really depends on the split argument.

Like England, Eoin Morgan is not a test player, but he is not recognized as a test player and is a professional white ball cricketer. So it works very easily and it’s a natural transition, Tom Moody told sports presenter Harsha Bhogle in a chat with Cricbuzz.

When looking at perhaps the most famous case, the case of India, the only reason to consider the split claim is purely to preserve Virat Kohli’s longevity.

Virat Kohli is a superstar

We all know. And he is absolutely happy to watch and compete as captain and hitter. But if you’ve taken the White Ball claim from him, for example, the question and debate is that we should be able to have this particular talent longer.

It’s another league in India because the role of the three forms of captain is important in any country. It’s a completely different pressure. And if Kohli holds all three captain roles, will we lose two or three years of international cricket from one of the best players in the game?

Sourav Ganguly, chairman of the Indian Cricket Tong Empire (BCCI), dismissed the idea of ​​India’s alleged division last year, but there is a request to share Kohli’s workload at the Cricket Brethren.


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