The CSK Bowling Coach L Balaji on Wednesday

The CSK Bowling Coach L Balaji on Wednesday

39-year-old Mahendra Singh Dhoni is preparing to lead the three-time winner in the upcoming edition of the IPL, which will be held in the UAE from September 19th to November 10th. When asked if it would be difficult for senior players to return to the groove, Balaji responded negatively.

Balaji told PTI, I think it won’t be that difficult because you’ve been playing this sport all your life. Many years of understanding will help. Experience will certainly be important. It has been proven in large tournaments like the IPL.

Shane Watson and Dwayne Bravo

In addition to the captain, this franchise has veterans such as Shane Watson and Dwayne Bravo. Dhoni is someone who believes in following a process that provides opportunities and exposure instead of change and cutting, Balaji said.

Dhoni is always the leader behind the process. There is no shortcut to his leadership, but he is someone who believes in opportunities and exposure rather than cutting and cutting,” Balaji said.

Before leaving for the UAE

The franchise planned a short camp in Chennai from August 16th. Yes, if everything goes as planned, we will start camp on August 16th. It is for Indian players only,” he added. CSK was originally the first IPL team to begin practice (March 2) for the 2020 tournament, which was scheduled from March 29, but was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

After that, BCCI suspended the league indefinitely before hosting the 13th lucrative event in the UAE. Balaji, a former Indian fast medium bowler, said it wasn’t easy to get back to full strength in any sport right after a break.

Achieving 100% right away in any sport is not an easy task. We will step through our strengths as your skills and stamina improve each week. But the good thing is that we had camp in March and it will be a continuation of where we left from that camp,” he added.

Balaji is expected to play a short camp in Chennai to see the team’s Indian players including Dhoni, Suresh Raina and Piyush Chawla. Meanwhile, eight Tamil Nadu players chose to travel to the UAE on Wednesday when Netballer took the Corona 19 test and played at the upcoming CSK camp, sources said.

Among the chosen ones include Aswin Crist, J Kousik, M Mohammed, Aushik Srinivas, L Vignesh and Abhishek Tanwar. The team will be leaving for the UAE on August 21st.

The notable propositions proposed by NCA head Rahul Dravid

Using the former player’s expertise as much as possible in the main team’s cricket setup was one of the notable propositions proposed by NCA head Rahul Dravid while interacting with members of the affiliate department in a webinar hosted by BCCI.

The webinar was attended by several state secretaries and head of cricket operations, attended by BCCI-NCA training director Dravid, Sujith Somasundar (former Indian ODI opener) and trainer Ashish Kaushik.

While the discussion was primarily about the various components of fitness data collection and fitness training resumes in the COVID-19 world, Dravid informed managers of different situations and effective problem-solving mechanisms.

A weekly secretary attending the webinar told PTI on the anonymous terms, “Rahul never said this was a must, but his suggestion to the state was that we should try to use former players in their specialty.

If it can be incorporated into a cricket setup, their experience and expertise will not be wasted. A trio of Dravid, Kaushik and Somasundar, questioned on a different topic, said the NCA is planning to resume virtual and physical training in two phases. “Virtual education is the way forward,” they said.

25 to 30 athletes to train together

In the current situation, it will be difficult for 25 to 30 athletes to train together. So the main team’s trainer and physical team will have to help the athletes virtually and step-by-step with some athletes coming and physically training.” Said.

Kaushik spoke about how the balance between strength training and skill training should be achieved. He says how much strength training should be reduced when you’re doing technical training, and vice versa,” he said.

There was also a suggestion that an emphasis should be placed on collecting’various data’. They suggested that state team physics should work to collect various body data related to players to help them during future rehabilitation programs,” he said.

Ravichandran Ashwin revealed Sri Lankan legends

In a conversation with Muttiah Muralitharan on his Instagram show, Ravichandran Ashwin revealed how Sri Lankan legends prevented him from spinning bowling legs when the duo played together for the Chennai Super Kings during the early season of the IPL.

During the interaction, Murali revealed that Ruwan Kalpage, who is also a Sri Lankan cricketer, was an off spinner and had been bowling for several years in school because there were other test spinners in the same age group.

According to Murali, the team had two spinners playing, so he didn’t have a chance to take a place. So, for transformation, he bowled for several days and was chosen for the season.

Ashwin added that Murali’s words remind him of the U-19 cricket days Murali told him. “Why do you spin bowling legs? It does very well if the ball doesn’t rotate.

The bowling leg spin was going towards the U-19,” Murali said. Now I will try and play for India. The selector says you want only leg spinners. The burden lies in experience. You can only gain confidence by taking the turnstile.

Prove yourself. You don’t prove yourself with a bowling leg spin. Instead, it’s a challenge to get more turnstiles with bowling off spins. He went on to add that he fell off Oneday, but didn’t do a ball leg spin after that.

I challenged them off-spin and took the turnstile. So I thought you forgot the challenge, so that’s what I said. Muralitharan has been watched several times for bowling activities in his career. The famous baller even revealed that he wanted to become a quick baller as a child.

But when he reached the U13 level, his coach said he wasn’t going to get taller. So fast bowling isn’t his. The ball did an off spin instead, he said and taught me. The first ball I bowled rotated because it automatically put my wrist in it.


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