New Sponsor for The National Basketball Association

New Sponsor for The National Basketball Association

A season-long partnership was announced between Brooklyn Nets, the National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise, and the Palladium Hotel Group, a Spanish-based hotel chain. The contract, the first Palladium to sponsor NBA outfits, is the NBA franchise’s latest offshore contract since the league opened international territories to the team.

Pilar Arizmendi-Stewart

The Vice President Sales and Marketing of the Palladium Hotel Group, said, We are excited to launch our partnership with Brooklyn Nets. This partnership gives the Palladium Hotel Group multiple opportunities to connect with fans in and around New York City, one of the most important North American markets.

As a result of the partnership

Nets’ home stadium, the Barclays Center, will showcase the Palladium Hotel Group branding for the rest of the 2019/20 season. In addition, the two companies will produce a series of digital content featuring the assets of the NBA franchise and group. Bryan Calka, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships and Strategy at Palladium, added: Scale.”

This partnership follows Brooklyn Nets’ November 2019 announcement, and the franchise unveils a new partnership with American brewing company Anheuser-Busch. As part of the partnership, the two organizations have worked together to strengthen community support.

This included revitalization as well as social media contests where fans compete for a VIP experience at Nets home games. Nick Kelly, then Vice President of Partnerships, Beer Culture and Community at Anheuser-Busch, said.

For Brooklyn Nets City Edition platform. Brooklyn is a vibrant community that gives the Barclays Center a lot of energy to support the team. We are very excited to be part of it.

CBA Consumer Electronics Company Agreement with Pisen Electronics

The China Basketball Association (CBA) has announced that a consumer electronics company has signed an agreement with Pisen Electronics, which it believes will be the official sponsor of the CBA League. Currently, the country’s basketball is known to engage 55 million active users on social media, and as a result, the Guangzhou-based company specializing in mobile phone accessories is using social tools to communicate with the younger population in China are aiming.

Pisen Chairman Zhao Guocheng said. Sports marketing is part of Pisen’s long-term strategy. We’ve looked at the growing number of avid sports fans in China and the positive social aspects of teamwork and personal potential achievements that match our company culture.

Over the past 16 years, Pisen has continuously developed with the consumer culture through our products and services, and will continue to evolve in other global markets. Pisen, also a partner of the Chinese table tennis national team, was the title sponsor of the CBA franchise Sichuan Pisen.

Now known as Sichuan, between 2016 and 2019, so he previously worked within the CBA before becoming the league’s sponsor Blue whale. The deal continued after the announcement in November 2019, which CBA strengthens its integrity program by signing a multi-year contract with Sportradar.

Under the terms of the contract

All CBA league games were monitored by Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System (FDS), and the sports data company added a layer of security during the match to further support the league’s integrity program.

David Wang, CEO of the CBA League at the time, discussed the partnership: “Protecting the integrity of Chinese basketball is one of our top priorities, and to achieve this, Sportradar has been a clear and clear choice as our partner.

Their track record for global sports integrity is second to none. In the first interaction it was clear that they shared our vision of promoting the importance of integrity in a positive way.

By adding betting monitoring, training and intelligence services to our integrity operations, we are confident that CBA League games will continue to be played with the highest ethical standards.

Dallas Mavericks has announced a new partnership with Chime

Deals include patches for all Maverick player uniforms and other strategic publicity, advertising and community partnerships. Mark Cuban, owner of Mavericks, stressed that Chime’s business philosophy is perfectly aligned with Mavericks’ business philosophy.

The experience Chime has developed for its members is that we have 41 a year at the Mavs Fans For Life (MFFL) American Airlines Center. More than a night. We look forward to showing the NBA and Mavs fans just how great Chime products are.

The deal ends the NBA’s search for new patch sponsors after the organization ended its relationship with 5 miles last August. Starting Friday’s home match against Portland, the Mavericks uniforms and authentic jerseys sold in the merchandise store will feature the Chime logo on the front left shoulder strap.

The Chime logo will decorate the courts of the American Aviation Center starting Tuesday against the Los Angeles Clippers. Chime’s CEO and co-founder Chris Britt added, we are excited to announce our partnership with Mavs, one of the NBA’s most dynamic teams.

I can’t think of an organization that better demonstrates our values ​​of inclusiveness and teamwork and shares an unparalleled commitment to our fans.

We share the same goal of fostering a special workplace culture,” said Cynt Marshall, CEO of Mavericks. “As in Mavericks, it is clear to spend time with Chime’s employees that every voice matters and everyone belongs.

The company will team up in the Venture Entrepreneurial Expedition, a program that guides students on their personal journey to success in business. Mavs launched its program in 2017 and has reached thousands of students across North Texas.

This will be one of the many initiatives the company works with with a focus on financial understanding and education, and will also contribute to the Mavs Foundation, which supports women, children and families in need.


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