LeBron James Announced a New Partnership with Mobile App

LeBron James Announced a New Partnership with Mobile App

LeBron James Announced a new partnership with the mobile app Calm to highlight the value of mental health. The first year of this multi-year partnership includes a national marketing campaign, Jamesoriginal audio content, and Calm donations to youth groups.

The NBA icon explained

As an athlete, I have a lot of focus on fitness. Our partnership with Calm is all about mental health. It’s always been prioritized, and it’s more important to your game, career, and life than what you can physically do. The ability to focus and correct everything that happens in your mind is a skill that can be strengthened over time.

Calm helps me do that. We are excited to share this important tool with the Foundation and with youth across the country through this partnership. James has partnered with Calm to create a series of “Train Your Mind” content that will soon be available in the Calm app.

Content includes a 10-minute inspirational wisdom session on topics such as managing emotions, sleeping, maintaining balance, and more. Calm members will be able to see more content in the “Train Your Mind” series in 2020.

LeBron James is more than just an athlete,” said Michael Acton Smith, Calm’s co-founder and co-CEO. He is a living embodiment of what we can achieve when we put mental health first. I don’t think anyone on Earth is qualified to speak about the benefits of a dedicated mental health program.

LeBron has the wisdom to share on topics like awareness, concentration, and relaxation. We are very happy that he chose Calm as a platform to share messages with the world.

Alex Tew, Calm’s co-founder and co-CEO, added

LeBron has helped and inspired young people to reach their full potential in her tireless work as a philanthropist. “This partnership extends its mission by providing mental health tools to youth organizations across the country. As LeBron experienced in his life, a young mind can take on a powerful form when introduced into mental health.

During the partnership, Calm and James are committed to promoting mental health by strengthening the young minds of one million people. This holiday season, all students and staff at I PROMISE School have access to a series of content that will be implemented in the school’s daily curriculum.

These Calm resources will reinforce I PROMISE School’s fundamental commitment to social and emotional learning by assigning school hours to mindfulness and emotional processing each day.

Michele Campbell, Managing Director of the LeBron James Family Foundation, also stressed: “Calm’s mental health and mindfulness practices are perfectly aligned with the trauma information curriculum and intentional approach at I PROMISE School. We serve at IPS for students at risk.

For many students experiencing various forms of trauma, mental strength and the ability to handle what they are going through is a matter of survival. We are excited to add Calm’s tools and skills to the support we can provide in this important area.

DraftKings Becomes the Exclusive Official Sports Betting

A marketing partnership has been announced where DraftKings becomes the exclusive official sports betting and daily fantasy sports partner of the New York Knicks, the New York Rangers and The Madison Square Garden Company.

As a result, the agreement gives DraftKings the best brand integration access across MSG’s assets, including digital platforms, in-game promotions, and out-of-home signage.

Ezra Kucharz, Chief Business Officer said

The Madison Square Garden Company is known for providing unforgettable moments to its fans, and this emphasis on immersive engagement perfectly complements our same idea of ​​DraftKings and experiential excellence.

The partnership, as well as the premier brand integration across MSG assets, will see DraftKings benefit from significant exposure in The Garden across all Knicks and Rangers games and broadcasts featuring two teams from MSG Networks.

In addition, when it comes to integration, DraftKings will have access to a variety of elements, including digital and static signage throughout the arena, exposure to GardenVision, a multimedia display hung in the center of the arena, and the branding of the court apron for the Knicks game. And on the penalty box and on the bench of the visiting team for the Rangers game.

Ron Skotarczak, Vice President of Marketing Partnerships at The Madison Square Garden Company, added, DraftKings has established itself as one of the most successful gaming companies in the industry and we are honored to continue our partnership with the amazing brand.

We are committed to ensuring our customers have the best possible experience, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with DraftKings on programs and promotions that benefit both businesses in an important and measurable way.

The integrated partnership between the two companies allows DraftKings to participate in seven video boards on the exterior walls of The Garden, giving fantasy sports providers the ability to set up active zones at various Knicks and Rangers fan events throughout the year. .

Insider Insights

DraftKings’ latest goal to increase fan engagement continues and continues its three-party merger with Diamond Eagle Acquisition Corp and SBTech, which aims to’change the way people experience sports.

This latest agreement with MSG will give DraftKings a greater presence worldwide as a result of the exposure gained through brand integration and enable fans to continue their goals through activation.


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